Health by Design

Making Health Workshop (Photo credit: BMW Guggenheim Lab)

The spaces in which we inhabit can have a long term impact on how we develop, the choices we make, the way that we socialize, and how healthy we are. The built environment can promote active living, or not. It can create good air quality, or not. It can open the opportunity for people to make healthy food choices, or not. Planning and design provide a meaningful and rich opportunity to create healthy communities, or not.

Integrated planning is an approach to our built environment that interweaves public health considerations (physical …read more

The Hardships of Aging, Homelessness and Affordable Housing

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Aging and living on the streets are tough experiences in their own right, but when you put the two together it’s bound to become a major issue. In Baltimore there’s an estimated 4,000 people who are homeless each night and this population is growing older. This is part of a national trend that estimates that nearly half of all single adults who are homeless are 47 years old or older.

The health hardships of living on the street are many; from the obvious issues of exposure to extreme weather and a lack of food, to the …read more

Tackling Foodborne Illnesses for Frozen Food Month

Interior Grocery Design | Frozen Foods Design | Interior Decor Design | Freezer Section Design (Photo credit: I-5 Design & Manufacture)

According to the Partnership for Food Safety and Education, a nonprofit that promotes safe food handling practices, March is “Frozen Food Month.”

This doesn’t mean it’s time to defrost the fish sticks and fruity popsicles. It’s a month for raising awareness about the ways in which defrosting and heating of formerly frozen foods – something almost every American will do each week – could severely affect your health.

The bacteria that grow on formerly frozen food or food …read more

Striving for a Well World

In this inaugural post of the Well Power blog, I’d like to make an ambitious statement: everyone in the world deserves to be well. If you share this belief, recognize that inequalities exist and understand that particular population groups face health complications at a disproportionate rate, then you are reading the right blog.

America is ranked 51st for global life expectancy behind countries like Jordan and South Korea. When a large proportion of people are in poor health, it impacts the financial and social resources of the entire nation. People perform less effectively at work and at school, when they …read more