No Breaks for America’s Poorest

Skeptics of the new healthcare law have been prophesying doomsday and the rise of socialism. The reality is that state-level healthcare policies will come far from providing universal coverage – many will actually leave out our nation’s poorest citizens.

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This omission was not an original component of the healthcare law, but rather came last year after the Supreme Court ruled that Medicaid expansion was a state-level choice. In the best case scenario, states would have seized this opportunity to leverage the Affordable Care Act and expand coverage to all of their …read more

Baltimore Zoning Out Liquor Stores

English: Breckenridge, Colorado liquor store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Over the past few months, the Baltimore City Planning Department has been hosting hearings concerning their proposal to revamp the city’s liquor outlet zoning code. The proposed change would force over 100 of the city’s liquor outlets to either stop selling alcohol, or shut their shops down.

For over 40 years there has been a zoning code that does not allow liquor outlets to exist in residential areas. But, the city has allowed existing stores to remain by “grandfathering” them. In recent years, the Planning Department has begun to analyze …read more

State Supported Breastfeeding

As a new mom, I’ve become uber-aware of breastfeeding and related issues around this topic, including health benefits for Mom and Baby. Research suggests breastfeeding:

Protects baby from some illnesses and developing allergies May protect your child from obesity May lower baby’s risk of SIDS Can reduce Mom’s stress level and risk of postpartum depression May reduce Mom’s risk of some types of cancer

In addition, research shows that breastfeeding is cost effective when it comes to healthcare costs and your wallet. According to Reuters Health, the U.S. could save $13 billion/year in direct and in-direct medical costs if a …read more

Pedaling Wellness

Here at Campaign Consultation, Inc., we are big fans of riding our bikes – and not just because Baltimore Bike Party is one of the activities on this Summer’s Baltimore Scavenger Hunt. Biking can provide access to necessary services in an environmentally-friendly way while simultaneously reducing obesity.

Here are some reasons why we bike:

Trevor Best, Art and Interactive Developer at EyeByte Solutions – sister company of Campaign Consultation, Inc.

“Riding a bike to work obviously has physical health benefits, but for me it’s more about the mental.

Everyone should have a moment in their day when they feel …read more

Take the Baltimore Scavenger Hunt

Baltimore’s Washington Monument lies two blocks north of US 40 in Baltimore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Healthy communities start with healthy and engaged community members. How well do you know your community?

Take our Scavenger Hunt Challenge to find out. The scavenger hunt combines B’more history with healthy exercise and community exploration.

The rules:

Each time you complete an item on the list, snap a photo on Instagram using the hashtag: #Baltimorescavengerhunt When you’ve completed the entire hunt, be sure to comment below so that we can go through and confirm you as the winner. Involve your friends and neighbors …read more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Taking the Pulse of Baltimore’s Neighborhoods

Some of the more upscale rowhouses in Baltimore, like these brightly painted homes in Charles Village, have complete porches instead of stoops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you get to really know a neighborhood? You can walk around, talk to the people who live there, and interact with the physical spaces.

But what if you want to dive beneath the surface and delve into the details? The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore (BNIA-JFI) has collected and compiled data on 55 Community Statistical Areas (their term for neighborhoods) in Baltimore, measuring 150 different data …read more

Pushing Policy? Taking on Goliath? Try this Recipe for Success

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In January, the Institute of Medicine released a study that compared American health care outcomes to other industrialized countries. The realities were shocking. Despite spending far more per capita on health care than any other nation, the data was abundantly clear – life for many Americans has become increasingly brutish and comparatively short.

Johns Hopkins Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health, academics, community leaders, and public officials convened to discuss the intersection of housing, education, social, and health policies on overall health outcomes.

One optimistic takeaway from the symposium is that almost all of our …read more