Mother Nature: Better than Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup?

The trees that tower over neighborhood sidewalks are full of pleasant shade and squirrels for my dog to chase. Parks and their large expanses of grasses provide a serene and cool place to walk and rest.

As much as nature gives to us, recent reports show green space is giving even more than we think. It is making us healthier.

A study conducted in Amsterdam in 2009 determined that the annual rates of 15 out of the 24 diseases they chose to study were significantly lower among those living closer to green spaces. Research showed that the rates of depression, …read more

Baltimore’s Next Generation of Urban Farmers

The Farm Alliance of Baltimore City is a network of urban producers raising everything from salad mix and tomatoes to honey and fish. But our members aren’t just growing food, they’re also growing future farmers, gardeners, and healthy eaters through an array of educational programs. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to not only buy and eat healthy food, but teach our city’s youth about where food comes from and how to grow it. Many of Baltimore’s urban farms are doing just that through after-school clubs, paid internships, field trips, and more.

While all of our …read more

Healthcare’s Shifting Landscape

The aim of the new Healthcare law is to bring affordable coverage to all Americans. But, as states gear up to unveil their Health Insurance Marketplaces on October 1st, it has become clear that not all Americans should expect a variety of insurance options.

States like Maryland and California that were quick to embrace the new law have successfully attracted a wide range of Insurance Companies and Co-Ops to their marketplaces. However, states that were reluctant to implement the Affordable Care Act offer fewer plans with higher premiums.

Those of us living in states with a robust marketplace have much …read more

Expanding Healthy Food Options for Low-Income Residents: Local Farmers Markets

English: vegetables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fruits and vegetables are sprouting up in local gardens and farms across the state, bringing life to Baltimore’s numerous Farmer’s Markets. Food at farmer’s markets is generally fresh, of high quality, and often less expensive than at grocery stores.

Fortunately for Marylanders, access to fresh, healthy, affordable food is becoming easier for more low-income individuals as more and more local farmer’s markets accept federal nutrition benefits such as EBT, WIC-FVC, SNAP, FMNP-Seniorsand FMNP-WIC

On June 1st, the Farmer’s Market Nutrition (FMNP) program launched which enables qualified Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and elders over …read more

Listening for Your Life

Marching to your own beat (Photo credit: vonderauvisuals)

During the past school year, I have witnessed two dangerously close-encounters involving pedestrians and drivers at a crosswalk. In both cases, the pedestrians were students crossing a major street while wearing ear buds. While I stopped at the crosswalk, allowing the student to pass, I could see the oncoming traffic to my right in the rear-view mirror. Each time, when I realized that the oncoming car was going too fast to stop at the crosswalk and the student was oblivious of the car – I began frantically honking my horn, trying …read more