The New Life Support Debate

The matter of when (and if) to terminate life support has long been a matter of debate among the medical community. Currently, patients and their families have the power to choose whether to remain on life support or to have it cut off, based on their medical situation.

But, what if the patient is in the early stages of pregnancy? What happens to her right to choose in that scenario?

As a pregnant woman myself, I was surprised to first hear about the case of Marlise Munoz … a sentiment that later turned to distress and sympathy for the family, …read more

The Healing Aspects of Rhythm & Dance – Tackling Health Disparities among African-American Men


Health disparities are most prevalent among marginalized communities, including communities of color. African-Americans historically have been barred from accessing health care or have been violated instead of receiving care (think Tuskegee Experiment).

African-American men, in particular, have a well-grounded fear or mistrust of modern medicine because of the aforementioned systemic disparities that exists within the African-American community.

However, just because doctors’ offices often will not have many African-American men in the waiting rooms ready to receive preventive care, this does not mean that they are not finding alternative ways to ensure that they remain healthy and receive the healing that …read more

Health Effects of Toxic Spill in West Virginia=Unknown

When MCHM, a chemical that is used to clean coal, spilled into the water of West Virginia, it resulted in an inconvenient, though very necessary water ban during the cleanup process. While the ban from using tap water is slowly being lifted, many of the state’s residents are still struggling to go about their daily routines faced with the restriction. In the meantime, much anxiety has been stirred about the immediate and future health problems that this spill may have caused.

Water drop (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Unfortunately, there is much that is unknown about how MCHM …read more

Unlocking Children’s Well-Being

Sesame Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The percentage of children with an incarcerated parent has increased nearly 80% since 1980, yet few resources exist to support the 2.7 million children who have a parent in state or federal prison. Recognizing that children need tools to express emotions around an incarcerated parent, Sesame Street addressed this issue head-on by creating a toolkit within their Little Children, Big Challenges program and adding Alex, a Muppet whose parent is incarcerated, to the cast.

The Little Children, Big Challenges program strives to provide adults and children with coping strategies and emotional resources to feel …read more

2013: Things that Made Us Go “Hmmm…” In the Health Sphere

It is time to bid farewell to 2013 and gear up for the adventures that await us in 2014. But, before we cast our eyes toward the future, let’s take a brief moment to reflect – in the immortal words of C+C Music Factory – on the top five “things that made us go ‘hmmm…’” in the health sphere over the past year.

View of Gothenburg from the docks at New Years Eve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Despite the fact that one quarter of Americans have trouble putting food on the table, Congress voted to cut $4.1 billion from …read more