Healthcare’s Shifting Landscape

The aim of the new Healthcare law is to bring affordable coverage to all Americans. But, as states gear up to unveil their Health Insurance Marketplaces on October 1st, it has become clear that not all Americans should expect a variety of insurance options.

Age of the bedrock underlying North America, f...States like Maryland and California that were quick to embrace the new law have successfully attracted a wide range of Insurance Companies and Co-Ops to their marketplaces. However, states that were reluctant to implement the Affordable Care Act offer fewer plans with higher premiums.

Those of us living in states with a robust marketplace have much to look forward to in October. The Healthcare law limits the percentage of insurance premiums that can go to anything other than medical expenses, so insurance companies will have to make their profit by enrolling a large number of people rather than raising premiums. We can expect to see Insurance Companies and Co-Ops vying to enroll as many people as possible by offering competitive rates.

But unfortunately, as the landscape of healthcare shifts, some Americans will not have access to a variety of affordable insurance options.  It is hoped that once the successes of competitive marketplaces are touted, more states will offer a wide selection of insurance options that are affordable to Americans of all income brackets. Otherwise, the neediest Americans in these states will continue struggling to obtain the care that they deserve.

To find out more about the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state, visit the Insurance Finder.

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