Outraged about Obamacare? Maybe You Shouldn’t Be

Many Americans are irritated with the insurance cancellations that have recently occurred due to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). This reaction marks a lack of true understanding about Obamacare.


I’ll share a personal example. My husband is currently covered under a very inexpensive ‘catastrophic’ health care plan, which is not ideal for many reasons; the most obvious being that he can’t go in to the doctor’s office for check-ups (unless we want to pay out-of-pocket for the visit).

My husband is only covered for a portion of the bill if he is hospitalized, meaning that we spend a lot of our time with fingers crossed, hoping that nothing bad happens. This makes me extremely uneasy, as I am very aware of the positive effects of proactive (rather than reactive) medical care in early detection and treatment.

Since his ‘catastrophic’ insurance plan won’t cover the essential services – including preventive visits – that now must be covered by all health plans under the Affordable Care Act, it will likely be cancelled. If you think about it, it’s just not economically feasible for health insurance companies to fold all of the new required services into plans like the one my husband has while keeping the prices down.

But – that is okay for our family, and it’s also a positive development for other people who have received cancellation notices. Because this means that we are all able to upgrade to better health insurance. It means that we’ll all be able to get coverage for preventive services that will help us to live longer and healthier lives.

Furthermore, 70% of people purchasing health insurance through individual plans will qualify for financial help so that they can afford coverage. So, a majority of people who are purchasing new plans will get to keep paying into inexpensive plans while receiving much better coverage.

For these reasons, my husband and I are actually looking forward to purchasing his new insurance plan from the Maryland Marketplace. Do you think that the Affordable Care Act will help your family as well? Comment below and let us know your opinion.

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