Solutions Needed: A Small Habit With A Lifetime Of Consequences

English: Herbal Cigarettes

English: Herbal Cigarettes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While in college, I once asked my professor how he had stopped smoking cigarettes. In his English accent he answered, “Well, when I went to buy cigarettes I would find myself at the shop counter asking for Marl-bor-lo, Marl borrow, Marlbro…I eventually just gave up!”  I know my professor was kidding…but I really do wish smoking habits could be so easily dropped. Smoking tobacco is extremely addictive, and starting at a young age can cause detrimental health effects in the future.

I am not illustrating my own opinions about Senator Jennie M Forehand’s smoking bill and whether or not it is a good decision to pass into law. However, I will explain why smoking, especially at a young age, is a serious issue worth discussing. Finding solutions to combat harmful, addictive substances from becoming so widespread should be a priority for all of us.


Patterns of cigarette usage:


As if we need anymore reasons…here are more facts on the health effects of smoking:


Prevention is clearly key… raising the following questions:

How can we prevent young people from smoking? Do you think that the new proposed smoking bill for Maryland is the answer, or is it something else? How can we incentivize young adults from saying “No” to smoking?

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