Decarceration: Resuscitating our Squandered Resources

Every year, 11% of Baltimore’s population goes through central booking. One in four African American children have a father in prison at some point during their youth compared with one in thirty Caucasian kids. The yearly drug consumption costs in Baltimore total approximately $16 billion, making our city a hotbed for drug raids and high rates of incarceration.

These are all facts that I learned during the Social Determinants of Health Symposium on Squandered Resources: Incarceration – Its Consequences, Costs and Alternatives, which was convened by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute on April 28th. Speakers examined the reality of …read more

A Safe Night Out in Baltimore

Charles Village, Baltimore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a tough summer in Baltimore City, with homicides being reported almost daily. In total, there have been 69 homicides in the past three months, for a total of 141 thus far in 2013. The total number of homicides in 2012 was 217, which landed Baltimore on the number 5 spot on the list of the 10 deadliest cities in America.

The annual National Night Out took place on August 6th, including many of Baltimore’s communities such as Charles Village, Pen Lucy, Wilson Park, Greektown, Mondawmin, Old Goucher and Kenilworth Park. The …read more