Expanding Healthy Food Options for Low-Income Residents: Local Farmers Markets

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Fruits and vegetables are sprouting up in local gardens and farms across the state, bringing life to Baltimore’s numerous Farmer’s Markets. Food at farmer’s markets is generally fresh, of high quality, and often less expensive than at grocery stores.

Fortunately for Marylanders, access to fresh, healthy, affordable food is becoming easier for more low-income individuals as more and more local farmer’s markets accept federal nutrition benefits such as EBT, WIC-FVC, SNAP, FMNP-Seniorsand FMNP-WIC

On June 1st, the Farmer’s Market Nutrition (FMNP) program launched which enables qualified Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and elders over …read more

Take the Baltimore Scavenger Hunt

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Healthy communities start with healthy and engaged community members. How well do you know your community?

Take our Scavenger Hunt Challenge to find out. The scavenger hunt combines B’more history with healthy exercise and community exploration.

The rules:

Each time you complete an item on the list, snap a photo on Instagram using the hashtag: #Baltimorescavengerhunt When you’ve completed the entire hunt, be sure to comment below so that we can go through and confirm you as the winner. Involve your friends and neighbors …read more