Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage: A Meaningful Investment

Raise the Minimum Wage (Photo credit: CT Senate Democrats)

There’s a lot of talk about increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 by 2016 – including its impact:

Approximately 16.5 million low-wage workers would directly benefit from the proposed increase Roughly 900,000 people living below the poverty line would move above the poverty threshold Both low-and-middle-income families’ incomes are projected to rise, 2.8% for the poorest families to .4% for middle-income families Employment would be reduced by about 500,000, or .3% of total employment Wealthy families with an average income of $180,000 can expect a .4%, or …read more

Unions and Strikes in the Age of Austerity?

Fast Food Workers Strike/ Protest in Chicago (Photo credit: danxoneil)

Workers’ unions and strikes are arguably the most powerful collective action tool available to laborers. However, during what has been called the “Glided Age of Austerity”, an age that has seen a huge rise in wealth inequality, unions and strikes seem to be a thing of the past. Over the past year, that trend seemed to reverse.

This summer, thousands of low-wage workers in retail and fast food went on strike to demand a living wage of $15 per hour. The Fight for 15 (FF15) campaign went public in …read more