The New Life Support Debate

The matter of when (and if) to terminate life support has long been a matter of debate among the medical community. Currently, patients and their families have the power to choose whether to remain on life support or to have it cut off, based on their medical situation.

But, what if the patient is in the early stages of pregnancy? What happens to her right to choose in that scenario?

As a pregnant woman myself, I was surprised to first hear about the case of Marlise Munoz … a sentiment that later turned to distress and sympathy for the family, …read more

Birthing in Baltimore, Part II

Childbirth (Photo credit: popularpatty)

Continued from Birthing in Baltimore, Part I …

As Shannon McGarry was preparing for last week’s post, Pushing Forward Childbirth in America, which examines the US’ approach to maternal healthcare, she asked me about my own experience – specifically if I had given birth in a hospital (yes) and if I had a positive experience (yes). Her inquiries and more specifically, her post got me thinking … what choices are women making to ensure wellness for themselves and their babies as they start and continue their families?

The following are real life accounts of maternal …read more