Where Does Your County Rank?

When making the case for health programs and policies, it is critical to show data that can support the point at hand. Oftentimes, online searches will point to national-level data that lump together urban and rural areas, and don’t adequately factor in the social determinants that can affect health, like housing and education.

When looking up health data for my home city of Baltimore, I was relieved to stumble upon the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps website. The statistics showed that Baltimore City has the lowest rankings in the state of Maryland, with an uninsured population doubling that of our neighbor Howard County. Although the data is disturbing, it is an important launching point to begin conversations with decision-makers and legislators to identify a way forward. When compared side-by-side with traditional health data, the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps website provides statistics on social and economic factors that contribute to health outcomes.

Get involved! View the county health rankings in your state as a first step to better understand  health issues in your community. Then, share this information with activists and community groups as a starting point for action to address the social factors that affect health in your community.

The first step to achieving a healthy nation is identifying and addressing the root causes at the community level.


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